art exhibition

Art Exhibition Tips

Are you considering to open an art exhibition, or to have a one off art show in your local area to showcase your work? Here is a checklist things you need to think about when throwing your very own art show. If you take some time to prepare up front your display will probably come across as slick, well organised and professional, which then gives prospective buyers confidence in buying your artworks.

Getting your art ready for the series

– Photograph your artwork, you have to remember that once it gets bought then you may never see it again!

– Frame your art if required. Allow a lot of time for your image framer to perform a high quality job.

– Try to make sure that your artworks in a good condition for hanging.

– Make sure your own artworks are wrapped safely and are ready for transport. Buy some bubble wrap to protect your beautiful are pieces, although not buy modest rolls from your office provider, or you may pay too much.

– Organize a truck, hatchback or station wagon to transport your functions so nothing gets damaged.

– Inviting different local companies to sponsor your own exhibition may help with costs.

– Contain them prominently in your exhibition catalog.

– Be sure you mention that the patrons clearly for every prize draw they host.

– You might even have the ability to find sponsorship for catering.

– Organize a thank you bag for every exhibition attendee containing sponsor leaflets, any freebies along with your business card.

– Organize a photographer

– Organize a movie camera operator

–  Contact media photographers and ask them to come along

Hanging your display

– Quantify the exhibition space and plan how you’ll hang you artworks.

– Does the space need to have a theme or decorating in some way to give it extra pizazz?

– Make sure you have appropriate hanging equipment acceptable for the space you’ll be displaying in. You might need to research the space closely to work out how you’ll hang the works if it is not a gallery with integrated rails.

– Try leaning them against the wall right underneath where you’ll be hanging them, so that you can get a feel for the design and your hanging supporters will find a clearer idea about what they’re doing.

To make your initial marks on the art world you do not require a commercial gallery. With a little bit of imagination nearly any space could be turned into a place worthy of an art celebrity (that’s you!)

– Produce a ‘running order’ for the series, which details the timing of events on the coming night. Distribute it to everybody involved in the show.

– Invite a VIP individual to start the show for you.

– Short your VIP with things they may like to mention.

– Appoint an MC that will present both the VIP, yourself and any other addresses or exhibition events.

– People are going to want to hear from one of the terrific artist!

– Announce any prize draws at least two times throughout the evening.

– What are your show opening and closing times. Decide up front how log the display will go for.

The Entertainment

– What nibblies, food or drinks will you supply, and will you also be supplying fresh food?

– What beverages will you provide? Remember to supply both alcoholic and soft drinks. Perhaps even consider a place that does catering for functions like the one you are planning.

– Consider hiring professional caterers in case you have not got time to do it yourself.

– Hire expert wait staff or find some friends in to help with serving.